This is a sample of my commercial model of the RS2027 formula 1 concept. You can find the full version here:


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The RS 2027 Vision formula one concept is the interpretation of how Renault sees the future of F1 in ten years, the car looks amazing.


This is a 3D model of the car made in 1/24 scale meant to be 3D printed, all the pieces are water tight and aligned to have an easy print process.


I have also included a complete solid 3D model of the hole car, in case you would like to divided in different ways or use another #D print method.


There are two types of Wheels, the ones with "no bearing" at the end of the file name are meant to be use without bearing given a static model, the other wheels use a 15x5x5 bearing to get movable wheels.


You will end up with a spectacular model of the RS 2027 perfect for your desktop or coffee table.

The model have been designed using Autodesk Fusion 360, a great tool.