I  know it has been a while since the last update about this project, but here it finally is: v16a (yes, 16!, I have done a lot of testing).


This version uses the same electronics as before, but a smaller battery. It can be totally 3d printed or be upgraded with a few metal turned parts.


The chassis it self had a lot of improvements, the suspension system is similar to the one used on Mini Z, the electronics can be accessed all from the bottom (no need to remove the body for charging or messing with the electronics), I have also left space for future upgrades like suspensions springs and diff. As it is, the chassis can have a minimum wheel base of 92mm.


This version has been made to fit the Civic 2007 Coupe body, but it can be easily adapted to other bigger cars (Dodge Challenger) changing a few parts to make the wheel base bigger. For smaller or lower cars (Ferrari F40) bigger modifications will be needed.


Here is a link for the files (including instructions, part list and pics of the assembly process):



Here is also the link of the 3D model in Fusion 360:


pass: openz


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Let me know what you guys think.