This is a scale model of the beautiful Lotus 56B Turbine Formula 1 racing car. The model is in 1/24 scale and has been designed to be printed with a 0.4 nozzle and 0.15 layer height. You could also scale it up or down to get other scales, if you are going for smaller scale i would recommend 0.3 nozzle and 0.1 layer height to get the details of the model.


For assembly you will need 2 rods of 2 mm diameter and 78 mm long for the wheel axles. The assembly process is very straightforward, attached is a picture for guidance.


Note: The pictures show the model printed in 1/43 scale, all the parts are in 1/24 scale, for 1/43 scale use Have the opportunity to print this model please publish your make. Happy printing! You can follow me on instagram as @ guaro3D