This is a 1/64 (scalable to other scales) scale model of the LAV III vehicle, originally named the Kodiak by the Canadian Army, is the third generation of the Light Armoured Vehicle (LAV) family of infantry fighting vehicles built by General Dynamics Land Systems – Canada (GDLS-C), a London, Ontario based subsidiary of General Dynamics that first entered service in 1999.[1][2] It was developed in Canada and is the primary mechanized infantry vehicle of both the Canadian Army and the New Zealand Army.[1] It also forms the basis of the Stryker vehicle used by the US Army and other operators.


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1. Comercial Light: 85USD per model, maximum of 30 physical copies, digital model as they are published (no brand customization, no parts dividing, joining or extra detailed work). (This license usually works for individuals that want to make short runs of the model to sell to their friends in a club or similar).


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