This is a 1/64 (scalable to other scales) scale model of the Entwicklung E-79 German (fake) Tank, is one of three fake German tanks made for the 1999 Playstation 1/Dreamcast game "Panzer Front". The motivation for the creation of these vehicles is still a mystery, as the game was supposed to be a "simulator". In the game the tank is called "Panzerkampfwagen VK6600(h) E-79", which in itself does not make sense; E-79 would imply it would weigh over 79 tons, but VK6600 would imply it to be in the 66 ton class. Even the nomenclature "VK6600" is wrong, VK numbers do not end in 0, they end in 1, 2, 3, and so on, for variations of that tank. For example, VK45.01, VK45.02, and VK45.03.

The names "Schwarzwolf" (Black Wolf) and "Zekke" were not from the game Panzer Front, but have since popped up on the internet, as has the name "Panther III". On many dubious websites and forum posts made by uninformed people, the E-79 is passed off as a real vehicle from the end of World War II, often with a convincing story about its supposed developement. However even those who do not have a great interest in the history of vehicles they model or play now recognize the E-79 as fake, and know its real story. The E-79 is probably one of the oldest and most known fake tanks.

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Entwicklung E-79 German (fake) Tank